Case Study: Roev

About the company:
Roev converts fleet to electric to lower organizations’ carbon footprint and reduce running costs.
EV Conversion


Roev is a start-up company in need of professionals who will be assisting them when it comes to logistics. They are an EV Conversion company, but they also manage the transport and shipment of vehicles back to their clients. With that said, they connected with PlugWork Virtual for outsourcing support.


As Roev is a start-up, they are still developing and setting up their processes. The job description they initially needed was changed as they continously connected with PlugWork Virtual for consultation calls and interviews. They need very capable team members who will work with them not just in managing logistics, but also in creating processes and ensuring that all data and records related to vehicle location, movement, and other activities are taken care of. Since they are also a start-up company, the professional they need should be able to work and adapt to a fast paced environment.


PlugWork Virtual provided Roev with a professional who is highly experienced when it comes to logistics and process creation and improvement. This Logistics Coordinator now manages and connects with third-party suppliers and Roev customers regarding timetables for conversions and shipments. In addition, the Logistics Coordinator maintains a calendar of where prototypes/demo vehicles need to be and she provides Roev with regular status updates regarding vehicle locations during transit. As with all clients, Roev was also provided a Client Success Manager to assist them with any concerns regarding the Logistics Coordinator.


PlugWork Virtual was able to provide Roev the assistance they need as a start-up company. The Logistics Coordinator hired for them is very exprienced in the field and is used to managing processes. Not only does she fill in the much needed help, she also contributes in setting up and improving logistics processes for Roev. In addition, their company was able to save about 70% in costs compared to hiring onshore talents for the role.