Case Study: Regent Homes

About the company:
Regent Homes builds high quality tailor-made homes that make life better for Adelaide families.
Architecture/Home Builder


Regent Homes is a Custom Builder and they operate with the latest 3D modelling programs. This means that they would need highly technical and capable professionals to join and contribute to their team. As they are continually growing and with multiple projects coming in, they tapped PlugWork Virtual’s outsourcing services to support their business.


The company has an employee that specializes in 3D design who will be going on maternity leave. They are also in need of an ArchiCAD designer to help with their projects. With the nature of their business, they have to keep all specialized roles for current and upcoming projects filled. As the duration of the leave is long, the team members coming in have to be technically capable, able to adjust quickly, and able to keep up with the weekly outputs required.


PlugWork Virtual provided an ArchiCAD Designer for Regent Homes. The designer proved to be very capable in his technical and communication skills. This allowed Regent Homes to have a good working system with the designer easily adjusting and integrating in. A Client Success Manager, whom they can contact any time if they have any questions or concerns regarding the designer’s performance, was also assigned to assist them.


PlugWork Virtual was able to fill in Regent Home’s need for a capable ArchiCAD Designer. The designer had the skills they needed with residential homes and was able to communicate with them well throughout projects which allowed for a seamless system and workflow. In addition, their costs were reduced by over 70% in comparison to what they would be spending for an onshore talent.